Unique and Captivating

Engaging graphics and clever gameplay combine to create a never-before-seen experience only possible on the iPhone.


Gaia is simple: pieces fall onto the screen and link together to form complex blocks.  By rotating the iPhone and eliminating the right blocks with a touch, a player can grow a larger block and earn more points.  In this way, Gaia rewards deep thinking players while remaining simple and intuitive.


We take pride in Gaia's satisfying responsiveness and ease of play.  So be careful, you may find yourself addicted.  We did.




- Includes over 20 hand-illustrated nature themed pieces

- Watch out for Toxic, Radioactive, and Biological hazards!

- Touch sign your highscores with your initials (or draw a picture)

- Points multipliers and bonus levels

- Soothing sound effects and autosave on quit or phone call

  1. -No language - uses only universal symbols - so anyone can play!


"One of the most usable iPhone games we’ve played yet [...] This beautifully crafted puzzle game deserves a spot on every iPhone." - SlideToPlay.com (4/4 Must Have)
Made on a Mac
"Fantastic iPhone puzzle game that's sometime familiar, sometimes new and always fun to play." - TiltGamer.com
(8/10 + Editor's Choice)http://www.tiltgamer.com/2008/gaia/shapeimage_4_link_0
"The unique visual style and sound effects [...] make Gaia the puzzle game worth playing." - FingerGaming.com (4/5 Stars)
Click here for the FREE Lite version.http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=288545775&mt=8